Youth Outerspace

Youth Outerspace

.: 100% Cotton

.: Double-layered and reversible with a sleeve for a filter
.: Designed to fit snug on the face for maximum protection.
.: Adjustable toggle for a customized fit.
.: If you prefer ear straps, simply remove the current cord and replace with rubber bands, elastic or whatever else you have lying around the house. 


  • Wear + Care Instructions

    Your mask also includes a MERV 13, virus filtering HEPA filter. They are replaceable and reusable. They fit into the sleeve of your mask.

    To sterilize the filters: steam clean with iron, instapot, veggie steamer, or any other high heat clever thing you got going on in your house!

    To clean the mask:  Machine wash cold. Air or blow dry only. Do not put in the dryer.

  • Shipping

    Due to the weight of the mask+toggles, USPS Flat Rate Priority is the most efficient option to quickly receive your masks. We are currently working on finding a less expensive ground rate, but as of now, we only offer one shipping option. Thank you!


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